Hi. We are Popedu!
We run Erasmus+ youth projects from Austria. Our focus is on . .... non-formal education, ..... diversity and .... digital competency.

our projects

We've also designed training workshops to share our expertise and upskill other youth organisations.

our past projects

We love Europe.
We love Erasmus+.

These projects were made possible by funding of Erasmus+, the European Union programme for education, youth, training and sport. A special thanks to the team of our National Agency, the IZ - Verein zur Förderung von Vielfalt, Dialog und Bildung.

About us

We are Popedu. We love pop, education and pineapple on pizza (almost all of us). We believe in the power of education, diversity and (young) people.

We provide non-formal, intercultural learning experiences to increase digital competences in order to burst filter bubbles, enhance sustainable development and encourage young people to become active and transformational agents of their communities. We empower, motivate and support youngsters in their personal development and give them the opportunities and tools to put their ideas into action while having our focus on digital and online tools for offline impact.

Know < Care < Act

Knowledge is good, caring is more, acting is best - and then repeat! We do this within the Erasmus+ programme powered by the European Union (with KA1 and KA2 projects), together with our awesome team:


Managing Director with a passion for offline impact through online content and pinapple on pizza.

Deputy Managing Director with a passion for multilateralism, youth participation and blouses with laces.

Trainer with a passion for history, sustainability and Star Wars.

Event Support with a passion for equity, justice and decorating cakes.

Advisory Board Member with a passion for youth work, non-formal education and dogs.

Advisory Board Member with a passion for conscious consumerism, paper books and making a difference.

Volunteer with a passion for sustainability, communication and T-shirts with stripes.

External Phoneography Trainer with a passion for content creation, Lindy Hop and bananas.



Project Manager with a passion for interior design, indian food and podcasts.



Project Manager with a passion for social development, lifelong learning and carbonara.

Say hi 👋

Say hi 👋



We are now offering workshops to upskill the competences and knowledge of your organisation, trainings or event. You can book our workshops and seminars with our trainers and experts. To participate in one of our workshops, check out our Facebook Page for the next date.

1 | Talk like TEDx - Speaker Coaching

Amaze your audience, give the perfect talk and make an impression to remember with our tailor-made Talk like TEDx speaker coachings.

2 | The Art of Pitching

You want to pitch your idea in a way that it will never be forgotten? Challenge accepted!

3 | Impact Storytelling for NGOs

Tell stories that stand out. Be heard, seen and understood because of the power of the stories you tell. We show you how.

4 | Social Media for Social Impact

We believe in social impact through the power of social media. We share insights, tipps and tricks on how to best use information and communication technology and online awareness for social impact.

5 | From Discrimination to Leadership

Find out how to advance discrimination to leadership by looking at and reflecting on situations of discrimination from different viewpoints. Together, we identify and formulate beneficial reactions trategies that can e employed by everyone.

6 | Equity and Sustainable Development: LGBTIQ+ Rights in the SDGs

Explore what impact the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have on the LGBTIQ+ community and what we can do to leave no one behind.

7 | SDGs and You(th)

Leaving no one behind means actively involving youth in everyday decision making. This workshop for youngsters explores the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and what they mean for youth.

8 | Responsible consumption and production SDG 12

Explore how SDG 12, responsible consumption and production is key for achieving environmental sustainability and which role young people take in it's achievement.

9 | Violence prevention for children and youth

You and Me - Living without violence. Workshop for children and youth to get aware of one's own limits, know our rights, tolerate "the other" and ultimately, prevent violence.

Many More...

Expand, combine, request... We offer tailor-made workshops on topics close to our hearts and covered by our expertise. Get in touch and let's get started!